Nest × Yale Door Lock

Price: $429.00

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  • Summary
    • This is a tamper‑proof, key‑free deadbolt that connects to the Nest app. You can lock and unlock your door from anywhere. Give people you trust a passcode, instead of a key. Lock and check your door status with your voice using the Google Assistant. And always know who comes and goes.
    • Works with the Google Assistant
    • You will receive a 5-year warranty with Hassle Free’s professional installation
  • Features & Benefits
    • Check the status of your door and lock it from anywhere hands‑free with the Google Assistant
    • It’s secure and tamper-proof – If someone tries to tamper with it, you’ll get an alert. If the batteries start running low, you’ll know right away. And if your lock loses power, you can quickly charge it with a 9V battery to unlock the door.
    • It’s a secure battery powered lock that doesn’t rely on your home Wi-Fi network to lock or unlock when using the keypad. It uses 4 standard AA alkaline batteries.
    • 1 year battery life (rechargeable batteries not recommended)
    • Operates even in extreme cold and heat
    • To control the Nest × Yale Lock from your phone, you need a Nest Guard or Nest Connect. Requires a compatible phone or tablet with the free Nest app and Bluetooth 4.0


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